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19 This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence behind the veil,

Verses 19 and 20 describe what hope does for those who exercise patience and faith. These verses are an illustration of our security in Christ.

19 This hope we have as an anchor of the soul,

The words “we have” indicate that the hope of the believer is a present possession. Jesus the Messiah and His work as our High Priest forever is where we can drop anchor for our souls. Christians presently have this hope; it is not something afar off. We have access to God’s presence for eternity because of Him.

The hope of the Christian is centered on Christ. Our “anchor” in Christ shows our fixity in Him. It is our confidence that was fixed in Christ. An anchor is a symbol of certainty. It is on what we stand. An anchor holds a ship steady in a storm. It makes the believer “sure and steadfast.” Since Christ is our Anchor, He provides safety in any storm we might face. For us, Christ is absolutely reliable and trustworthy in any situation in life.

Maturing believers must rest their hope in the anchor of their souls. Our “hope” or settled confidence is like an anchor, an anchor with secure footing. Although believers might be battered by the storms of life, they have a secure harbor for their souls.

both sure and steadfast [secure],

Our hope is “sure” for the believer. “Sure” means not liable to fail. “Sure” comes from two words: no and to totter. God’s hope does not totter. It will stand the test. Nothing will baffle or foil it. “Sure” stresses indestructibility from anything outside. Nothing can separate the believer from God (Ro 8:35–39). God’s promises will not betray our confidence in them. They will never fail us.

Our hope is also “steadfast” or secure because it will not give way under duress. The word means firm or firmly fixed. “Steadfast,” then, speaks of that which does not break down under pressure. Our hope has no innate weakness. It has inner strength. Our anchor will hold. It will not give in a storm or rough waters (He 2:2; 3:14).


Christian hope is an anchor of the soul.


The anchor is a symbol of certainty. Christian hope is an anchor of the soul. Every soul needs an anchor. Our hope is also an anchor for the whole of our lives. Hope is like an anchor that gives security and stability to the soul. No matter how much the soul may be buffeted by waves of doubt, it has an anchor firmly fixed in Jesus.

Our anchor is Christ. Not every soul has confidence in Him. The believer is the ship and the world the tempestuous sea. The Christian has the guarantee of heaven, a safety from the storm-tossed dynamics of this life. This is where his confidence lies. The anchor in turbulent waters is what hope is for our soul. In trial and trouble, we have a commitment, an assurance from God’s Word.

Our hope in Christ is an anchor of the soul which does not totter or break down under duress. The believer is the ship and the world the sea. The distant coast is our hope that rests on faith. The anchor prevents the believer from losing stability in Christian living. God’s promise provides encouragement to move on with the Christian life.

Not only does God give us His purpose and pledge, but He gave us a High Priest.