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26 For such a High Priest was fitting for us, who is holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, and has become higher than the heavens;

The central theme of the book of Hebrews is the High Priesthood of Jesus Christ. The argument of verses 26–28 is that the new priesthood is better because the new Priest is Jesus.

26 For

The “for” here explains the implications of the previous verse, of the intercessory work of Christ on our behalf (He 7:25).

such a High Priest

The word “such” contrasts the Levitical priests with Jesus the High Priest. The idea of “such” regarding Jesus is the wonder of His priesthood. He stands in immense magnitude. This High Priest does not position Himself at a distance from the sinner but works on his behalf.

was fitting for us,

The idea of “fitting” is literally became us. The word indicates something that is appropriate (He 2:10). The assets that Jesus provides correspond to the believer’s needs. He is the kind of High Priest we need. Who He was is appropriate for dealing with sinners. We need a sinless Savior. He is eminently suited to be our High Priest. His sacrifice suits all kinds of people everywhere.


Our High Priest answers exactly to our predicament.


Our High Priest answers exactly to the requirements of the predicament in which people find themselves. He is such that we need no other; He perfectly fits our needs. Our Lord intercedes personally on our behalf.

The believer needs someone to satisfy God about paying for his sins (He 2:17). He needs a cleansing of conscience to serve God freely (He 9:14). He requires someone who acquires acceptance before God for him (He 10:19). He needs someone who will enable him to worship (He 13:15). He requires someone to equip him for service (He 13:21). He needs comfort in trials (He 2:17–18; 4:15–16). He wants someone to constantly intervene for him (He 7:25). He needs help (He 2:18).