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21 and having a High Priest over the house of God,


The second privilege of the believer is that he has a Great Priest over the house of God.

21 and having a High [great, mighty] Priest

The word “high” in this case means great or mighty. Christians have a mighty Priest as over against the minor priests of the Old Testament.

over the house of God,

The “house of God” consists of all believers. No one other than Christ is Priest over the church, the family of God (He 3:6).


Jesus was highly effective in His Priestly work.


It is a blessing that our Mighty Priest serves us. We could never face the presence of God without Him. He opened the way by His blood. He advocates on our behalf by His finished work on the cross. He is the reason we have confidence before God.

Believers have both confidence that comes from God’s promises and a competent, mighty, and great Priest who works on their behalf as their Advocate. He takes our prayers and represents them before God.

We do not need to convince God to be on our side; He is already on our side. God is indeed “for us”; He can “freely give us all things” (Ro 8:31,32). We come directly to God’s throne without the need for any other mediator than our Great or Mighty High Priest.