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24 And let us consider one another in order to stir up love and good works,


24 And let us consider [keep on considering]

The third and final exhortation to believers is to put a priority on other believers. In order to do this, Christians need to “consider”; to be others focused requires concentrated thought.

one another [of the same kind]

It is important to encourage fellow Christians in the spirit of spiritual brotherhood.  “Another” means another of the same kind. Christians should not be indifferent to other believers; we seek their best interests. This is an outward attitude or orientation of the believer.

in order to stir up [stimulate]

“Love and good works” follow faith. The purpose of each believer is to stir other Christians to love and good works. “Stir up” means to stimulate.

love and good works,

“Love” is relational and “good works” pertains to the practical. “Good” refers to what is good in quality; these are works that are self-evidently good whereby no doubt can be cast upon them.


Mutual concern for fellow believers is done within the context of the local church.


The first exhortation to believers is toward God, the second to the believer himself, and the third to other believers.

Corporate action is important within the Christian community. Individuals cannot do the work of Christ alone. That is why we need to be alert to the capacities of others. Challenging others does not just happen; it requires leaders to stimulate others to love and produce good works. It is not enough to love; we must carry out practical outcomes as well.