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2 For by it the elders obtained a good testimony.


2 For

The “for” here explains the implication of being sure about reality through faith. Faith is a worthy approach to reality. This verse gives a summary of what will follow in the chapter.

by it [faith]

“By it” means the kind of faith found in verse 1.

the elders obtained a good testimony.

The “elders” here are Old Testament believers. The Holy Spirit commends them throughout chapter 11. Faith was no novelty in the New Testament, because it was seen everywhere in the Old Testament. These were people by whom God bore witness that their faith overcame obstacles. We see this faith throughout chapter 11. Those who operate by absolute faith in what God says always show that conviction in how they live their lives. People in the past obtained approval from God as the right way to live a believing life.


God commends people who exercise faith in His Word.


Faith shows itself in practicality. True biblical faith holds steady confidence in God’s plan for them in time regardless of reversals or problems in life.

Pleasing God is one of the highest aims of the Christian life. To receive His commendation for pleasing Him is a great reward.

It was the kind of faith that believers had in the Old Testament that believers are to have in the church age. The Holy Spirit will delineate the record of believers of old in the remaining of the chapter. He will do this in historical sequence.

Biblical faith is not faith in faith; it is faith in an object or content revealed by God. This faith is not primarily subjective. We place our faith in God’s promises. It is a faith based on meaning; it goes beyond the meaninglessness of relativism. Judeo-Christian faith rests on the objective, logic, and reason. Today’s society has rejected the objective and reason, escaping into skepticism with no hope and no answer.