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3 For consider Him who endured such hostility from sinners against Himself, lest you become weary and discouraged in your souls.


Jesus endured suffering with tenacity. Christians need to “consider” this as well.

3 For

The word “for” justifies the argument of “looking unto Jesus.” It gives the grounds for the exhortation in the first two verses.

consider [reflect upon] Him

The word “consider” is a command (aorist tense, imperative mood). Christians are to carefully weigh how Christ suffered during His lifetime. We are to take into consideration His supreme example. The word itself means to carefully assess something. The believer is to, by all means, consider how Jesus handled trial in His life. There is a need for serious consideration and careful weighing of how Jesus lived His life.

who endured

Jesus was a permanent example of how we should suffer. Each of the first three verses repeats the word “endured.” His endurance has abiding significance (perfect tense).

such hostility from sinners against Himself,

This phrase focuses on the hostility of people toward Jesus throughout His life and at the crucifixion. He faced great opposition during His entire lifetime.

lest [purpose] you become weary

There is a tendency for Christians to give up and lose heart. They become weak in the Christian life. They do not have the strength or endurance to continue living the Christian life with a dynamic lifestyle because they let trial get to them.

and discouraged [disheartened] in your souls.

Discouragement defeats many believers. This defeat occurs in the soul. To lose heart is to experience defeat in the Christian life.


Occupation with Christ is the cure for discouragement.


Christians are to think about the implications of following Christ. They are to account for the ignominy and problems of what it means to walk by faith. We are to look at how Jesus handled these issues. If we compare what He went through with our problems, we would not be so discouraged. It will motivate us to courageous faith.

It is essential to give the utmost care to how we live the Christian life. Above all, we are to reflect on how Jesus lived His life. We are to compare our life with His. None of us will suffer what Jesus suffered. We look to Him as the supreme model of faith for what we must endure. Christians should not give up before they cross the finish line. They need the faith that endures doing this.