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7 Remember those who rule over you, who have spoken the word of God to you, whose faith follow, considering the outcome of their conduct.


Verse 7 begins a new paragraph dealing with leaders in the local church. The author refers to leaders three times in this chapter (He 13:7, 17, 24).

7 Remember those who rule over you,

The word “rule” means to lead. “Rule” is literally to go before. A leader is someone who goes before his people to give them vision, direction, and goals. Recognition and treasure of leaders who lead the church are fundamental to a proper operating assembly of believers.

who have spoken the word of God to you,

Biblical leadership comes from the authority of the Word of God. The leader’s appeal is to communicate what God says. This is the central, indispensable role of a leader in the church. Charisma, charm, organization, education, or brilliance are subordinate to teaching the Bible.

whose faith follow,

Christians are to follow the faith of their current leaders, like the people of faith in chapter 11.

considering [careful observation] the outcome of their conduct [manner of life].

Christians should diligently regard the “conduct” of their leaders or how they live their lives. The word “conduct” means way of life. The term “considering” carries the idea of looking at something carefully. Believers are to give careful attention to how their leaders live their lives.


Church members are to imitate the faith of their leaders.


Since God placed leaders in the church, church members are to honor their roles. Watching Christian leaders can help to develop the faith, living, and priorities of the believer. If we “remember” the lives and testimonies of our leaders, it helps the continuity of our faith (2 Ti 2:8). This is especially true of those who speak the Word of God to us. They are the kind who are faithful to Scripture.