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8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.


Verse 8 is the grounds for not following false teachers of verse 9. There are two kinds of leaders: true and false. There is One who is true and faithful above everyone.

8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Human leaders will come and go (He 13:7), but Jesus is forever faithful as our Leader. The name “Jesus Christ” is emphatic by word order in the Greek. Christian leaders come and go, but Jesus never abandons us.


Since Christ remains the same, we count on Him in every situation.


Jesus Christ is our constant and ultimate model of faith. Change is the norm for finite creatures; however, believers have One on whom they count as consistent and faithful without change; He is immutable to the sons of God.

Human leaders come and go, but Jesus is forever the same. He is immortal. He is eternally unchanging throughout all time and eternity. As God, He is immutable. As immutable, He is faithful to His church.

Jesus will be there for the church throughout time and eternity. This should move us to faithfulness toward Him as well. We can trust Him with unshakeable confidence because of this assurance.

As Jesus supported Christian leaders of the past, He will continue to do so without fail. He does not vary, nor does His truth change; He forever remains the same. Why should Christians vacillate with this kind of promise? We should be loyal to our changeless Lord. Jesus is ever worthy of our trust and sacrifice (1 Co 15:58).