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15 Therefore by Him let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of our lips, giving thanks to His name.


Since Christians do not need blood sacrifices of the Old Testament, they now worship by exercising the sacrifice of verbal praise.

15 Therefore

Since the Christian does not worship through Jewish sacrifices, he now has a new way of worship.

by Him [Jesus]

Jesus is our Mediator. This role of our Lord enables the believer to worship. We offer praise through Jesus Christ. Christians can represent themselves before God because of our access through Christ. They do not need a priest.

let us continually offer

There is no specially fixed time whereby Christians worship, such as through feasts or legal sacrifices. Christ’s sacrifice was once for all, but the believer’s sacrifice of praise continues without cessation. Christian praise is not sporadic.

the sacrifice of praise to God,

The sacrifice of Christians consists of praise, not the shedding of the blood of an animal. Christ shed all the blood for the sin issue that was necessary.

that is, the fruit of our lips,

Christian praise is verbal.

giving thanks to His [Christ’s] name.

We give thanks through Christ’s name, that is, based on everything He represents. Thanksgiving requires that we reflect on what God has done in our lives, the blessings He has given us. The business of modern life assails against this.


Every Christian is a believer-priest.


In the New Testament, every believer is a priest (1 Pe 2:5), and he or she is a royal priest at that (1 Pe 2:9). Christians today can bring sacrifices of praise to God. They can sacrifice their person (Ro 12:1).