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Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort,  


Verses 3 through 11 stress thanksgiving for God’s comfort in tribulation. 

3 Blessed be 

“Blessed” is a term of praise. God is worthy of praise. He warrants our worship and love. 

the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,  

This verse gives God three titles (1 Co 11:31; Ro 11:31; Eph 1:3; 1 Pe 1:3): 

The Father of our Lord Jesus Christ 

The Father of mercies 

The God of all comfort 

Jesus Christ is our “Lord.” This means He has right over everything in our lives. We owe Him everything (2 Co 4:5; Php 2:11). Christians know God primarily through Jesus Christ. 

Jesus Christ is the same essence as the Father (Jn 10:3). He claimed equality with the Father’s essence in eternity past (Php 2:6). In Christ dwells the fullness of deity (Co 2:9). When the Son set aside the voluntary use of His attributes as God (while not erasing it), He became a true human being (Php 2:6-7). 

the Father of [source] mercies  

God is the source of mercies. He is characterized by giving mercy. His mercy is compassion on our souls. Mercy or compassion is how God expresses His love for us. No matter how sinful we may be, He loves us. He does not give us what we deserve (Lam 3:22; Neh 9:19). David asked for mercy after he committed murder and adultery (Ps 51:1). Although the Christian deserves justice, nevertheless God extends His mercy (Ps 103:10-11). He is justified in giving mercy to us because Christ completely paid for our sins. He satisfied God’s justice by doing this. God wants to bless the Christian no matter his past or current spiritual condition. He is oriented to giving mercy. 


God gives mercy because of His grace. 


In our day, we are more apt to criticize than show mercy. God does not extend mercy to us because of our character. No one deserves God’s mercy. He does not offer mercy because of our religious orientation. He offers His mercy because of His grace. Christians need God’s constant mercy (Ps 23:6). God delights in mercy (Mic 7:18). He appeals to us to serve Him because of His mercy, not because we are worthy (Ro 12:1-2).