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7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.


Since it is impossible to see the wonders of resurrection life in the temporal body (2 Co 5:6), it is important to exercise that reality by faith.

7 For we walk [as a course of life] by faith,

We obtain confidence in future resurrection by faith. Faith puts confidence in that future (2 Co 5:6). However, in the eternal state, Christians will not need to exercise faith because they will be in the presence of the Lord.

not by sight.

The Christian faith does not presently rest on the phenomenal. God cannot be accessed by physical sight. In heaven, we will be with the presence of the Lord.


Only faith can measure eternal things.


The believer does not primarily live by his or her emotions or feelings. Faith trusts God, no matter how one feels. We spouses may not feel married, but the fact is we are married regardless of how we feel. A Christian knows he will have eternal life because God promised it irrespective of how he feels. It is a Bible fact. We know that “good night” here is “good morning” there.

Faith lays hold of God’s promises and counts them as true. Only faith can measure eternal things. One day God will replace our faith with sight.

The reality that the believer walks by faith rather than sight is proof that he is absent from the Lord. This is not ideal but is the reality of his situation.