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We give no offense in anything, that our ministry may not be blamed.


3 We give no offense [cause of offense] in anything,

Paul’s team worked to remove offensive issues related to salvation. The Greek word for “no” is emphatic. Christians should not allow anything in their lives that would discredit the cause of Christ.

that our ministry may not be blamed.

The gospel team did not want to put a stumbling block in anyone’s path. If they did stumble others, then it would discredit their message. God is the ultimate censure of ministry (1 Co 4:2-5).


It is more critical to defend the ministry than ourselves.


Those who proclaim the truth must watch attitudes and actions to protect the message. Ministers who represent the gospel and truth of Scripture need to scrupulously avoid anything that offends people unnecessarily. No doubt, the message will offend the non-Christian, but ministers should not personally and unnecessarily offend people. A self-serving ministry is an offense to both Christians and non-Christians.

To be discredited by one’s enemies is one thing, but to be discredited by God is another. A ministry centered around what others think is a poor excuse for a ministry.

Christians should walk so that the ministry does not lose its credibility (1 Co 9:27). That should leave room for no cause of stumbling others.

Enemies of the gospel take delight when a minister does not live up to his message because that would negate the reality of his proclamation. These people seek ways to justify their rejection of Christ. This is why ministers or people giving their testimony must provide the best possible reason to believe the gospel.