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7 So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.


7 So let each one give as he purposes [decided] in his heart,

Proper giving begins with a willing attitude and resolve (Ex 25:2; 35:5; Pr 22:9). Christians are to give what they decide in their “heart” to give. The attitude is most important in giving, but it is also an individual matter settled in one’s attitude toward Christ.

The act of contribution should accord with the heart and free will. In biblical giving, each person must be entirely free to decide what to contribute. Those who freely received will freely give (Mt 10:8). In God’s economy there is no quota scheme imposed on the giver. When a person gives from his “heart,” he does so truly and freely.

not grudgingly [with sorrow, grief, and regret]

A genuine giver does not give reluctantly or with a sense of remorse (Deut 15:10).

or of necessity [compulsion];

A good giver does not give under compulsion but from a spontaneous heart. There is liberation in free-will giving; it is to give without regulation. A person who gives under constraint or force does not truly give to the Lord.

for God loves a cheerful [hilarious] giver.

God loves a cheerful and generous or blessed giver. The issue is not the amount of the gift but the size of the giver’s heart (Ac 11:29; 1 Co 16:2). The person with a generous heart delights in contributing to the Lord. This is hilarious to him.

A hilarious giver is animated because God has blessed his soul. He has graced this person with benefits he never deserved. That is why he is “cheerful” or blessed.


Giving should be willing and cheerful.


All true giving must be done from a heart that loves the Lord and His people because of the person and work of Christ. There is a tendency to think in terms of duty rather than bounty. Giving is more than mere expenditure; it is an investment in God’s program. We invest in ourselves when we dispense to others. It should not come from compulsion or fear of criticism. It is not the amount one gives but the spirit of the giving. It is to be done willingly and cheerfully. God “loves” a cheerful giver.

Christian giving is more investment than a contribution. It is not a pointless or empty contribution but an act rewarded by the law of the harvest. God transposes the law of the harvest into the spiritual realm.

Many Christians today are victims of the mad dash of acquiring wealth at all costs. This is especially true in the Word Faith movement or the Health and Wealth Gospel. It is not God’s will that all become rich. That claim cannot be found in the Bible. The underlying problem is that this false doctrine makes the believer sovereign over his destiny. In effect, God becomes his personal cash register or genie (Pr 23:4-5; Mt 6:24; Mr 4:19; Lu 12:15). To commercialize our giving is to prostitute our gift. The spirit behind our gift is most important; yet, the by-product of giving with the right motive is the blessing of reaping. There is an enjoyment of giving.