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11 according to the glorious gospel of the blessed God committed to my trust.


Sound doctrine (1 Tim 1:10) represents the gospel correctly. It conforms to Christ and apostolic teaching. It measures itself “according to the glorious gospel.” To hold sound doctrine (v. 10) is consistent with the “glorious gospel.”

11 according to the glorious gospel of the blessed God

Genuine Christianity comes out of the “glorious gospel,” a gospel that saves and forgives an individual. The gospel puts people in alignment with who God is, a God who is absolutely perfect (2 Co 4:3,4).

The gospel is “glorious” because it comes from “the blessed God.” We find this title of God nowhere else in Scripture. First Timothy 6:14, 15 calls Him “the blessed and only Potentate.” God is glorified by the gospel because it originates in His blessedness, displaying God’s absolute attributes. The law is not the means of eternal life, but the gospel is. The gospel is permanent.

which was committed to my trust.

God entrusted Paul with the glorious gospel (Ga 2:7; 1 Th 2:4; Tit 1:3). He deposited with him the trust of presenting and preserving the gospel. The apostle’s responsibility was to maintain the integrity of the gospel, which false teachers distorted. The gospel bore apostolic authority (Ga 1:6-9). God has given every believer a sacred trust to share the gospel with the lost.


The standards of the gospel do not differ from the standards of the law.


There is no difference in moral standards between the law and the gospel; the difference is how God saves; the law condemns, but the gospel justifies. The demands of the law exceed one’s ability to live up to them. The law leads one to repentance because it exposes a person to his sin.

The yardstick for measuring sound doctrine is the gospel itself. Nothing should distort the gospel of Christ. It is possible to over or undershoot the runway. Any gospel presentation that says more than or less than what the Bible says is a distortion (2 Tim 2:15).