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5 For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus,


This verse clarifies the implication of universal salvation in the previous verse by offering three points about God and Christ.

-there is one God (1 Tim 1:5)

-there is a single mediator (1 Tim 1:5)

-Christ’s death was a ransom (1 Tim 1:6)

Verses 5-7 offer the basis for prayer—the work of Christ as our Mediator.

5 For there is one God

The God of the Bible is one (Ro 3:29, 30; Eph 4:6). The Romans worshiped many gods. Although the God of the Bible is a trinity, He is one in essence; the Old Testament refers to this as the Shema (Deut 6:4). There is no other God who reigns over creation. Since God is one, He cannot change any of His attributes and must act consistently with them. His oneness explains why universal salvation is not possible. To offer multiple ways of salvation would violate God’s nature.

and one Mediator between God and men [generic, a male or female],

Jesus is the go-between God and man. Since there is one God, there is only a need for one Mediator, an umpire between God and men.

A mediator intervenes between two parties: God and all men. Jesus resolves the conflict between God’s one nature, which cannot change, and mankind, which has violated His nature (He 8:6; 9:15; 12:24).

the Man Christ Jesus,

The emphasis here is on the “Man” Christ Jesus (Acts 13:38, 39; He 10:12). Jesus was simultaneously 100% God and 100% man. It was Christ’s humanity that died for our sins on the cross.  

The name “Christ” means the anointed one or the Messiah. His personal human name was “Jesus.” Reference to “the Man” emphasizes His true humanity and refers to His incarnation. He paid the ransom of His death so others could be acceptable to God (Mark 10:45).

Jesus as “the Man” was the bodily sacrifice that provided salvation for mankind. It is only by the humanity of Christ He can be our Savior.


There is only one way to be saved.


There is only one way to be saved because there is only one God. His unity cannot be compromised. People must come to Him because He cannot change who He is. He is perfect righteous, and we are not. God provided a way for mankind to align with who He is by sending Christ to save us from our sins and declare righteous those who believe in Him.

A great failure among some evangelicals is the denial of God’s exclusive nature, which involves a mutually exclusive gospel. Our culture is pluralistic, and many Christian beliefs come from that philosophy rather than extant biblical truth. The gospel is for everyone, but only those who believe it by faith make it real in their lives. God and Jesus are not one among many, but they are exclusive to anyone else.