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About Grant C. Richison


Grant and Joyce Richison came from non-Christian homes but came to Christ in their late teens. They met in jail—that is, while they ministered in Macomb County jail in Michigan! 🙂

Grant quit sports while in high school to attend Bible college in the evenings. He accepted Christ in a church that taught the Bible verse-by-verse in Hazel Park, Michigan. The application of the principles of Scripture to experience radically changed his life. This was the cause for a lifetime of teaching the Bible verse-by-verse. For this reason, Grant and Joyce went to Dallas Theological Seminary, a seminary noted for Bible exposition.

Following seminary, Grant pastored three churches (Detroit, Iron Mountain Michigan, and Winnipeg Manitoba). The church in Manitoba became the largest Baptist church in Canada. Over 500 adults came to Christ per year.

Dr. Richison has been the senior pastor of three churches from 1965 to 1992. His most recent pastorate was at Grant Memorial Baptist Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba, where, for a 20-year period, he had oversight of a ministry that expanded from a church of 300 to one of the largest churches in Canada. Grant is a Bible expositor who is dedicated to a lifetime of studying and teaching God’s Word.

During the period of his pastorates, Grant taught at William Tyndale College (Detroit MI), Providence Theological Seminary (Manitoba), Northwest Baptist Seminary (Vancouver), International School of Theology (Vancouver extension), and Briercrest Graduate School (Saskatchewan). He taught Greek, Advance Greek grammar, exegesis courses, and theology. His website Verse-by-Verse Commentary is read in most countries of the world ( The blog has about 20,000 pages of material written by Grant.

Grant was the Interim President of Campus Crusade Canada. He also served as a speaker, writer, and theologian for Campus Crusade.

Grant’s book Certainty, a Place to Stand was released in 2010. The apologist Norman Geisler wrote the forward. This book won the book of the year for apologetics in 2011 (Canada). Logos Bible Software published Grant’s book Certainty, a Place to Stand and Verse-by-Verse in its format.

Grant wrote a chapter of a book with several apologists (a festschrift) that honors Dr. Norman Geisler. Dr. Geisler was the most influential apologist in the 20th century and has written over 100 books. The title of my chapter is “God’s Ultimate Purpose for Creation.” This book was published in May 2016.

In a previous festschrift in honor of Dr. Charles Shaw called Shalom, Grant wrote a chapter called “Implications of Absolutism in the Nature of God.” Grant has also written articles for magazines and other publications. 

Following a Bangladesh Leadership Training Seminar with 550 indigenous missionary delegates in March 2009, Grant clearly sensed that he wanted to do whatever he could to advance indigenous missions. He saw in that seminar and other experiences with Advancing Native Missions and Advancing Indigenous Missions (now called Engage Now) that this was the most strategic way to advance the cause of Christ in the world. For this reason, Joyce and Grant joined these catalytic enterprises in 2010. As of June 2023, Grant joined 24:14 World, a mission located in Charlottesville VA. 

Grant has had a worldwide ministry with 24:14 WORLD (US) and Engage Now missions (Canada). He is the Vice President of Theology and a speaker/writer for Engage Now (Canada).

Grant communicates God’s Word verse-by-verse in a relevant, clear, applicable, and insightful manner. Verse-by-Verse Commentary is read by people all over the world. There are over 200,000 subscribers

As of July 2019, Grant began a live-streaming ministry to hold pastor conferences, teach in Bible Colleges and seminaries overseas.

As of 2022, Grant launched a channel on called Biblical Viewpoint. You can find the channel here: