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Living By The Book– Important !!

Today’s evangelical tries to live the Christian life by experience, fashioning an “operation bootstraps” kind of Christianity. This results in widespread arrested spiritual development. The power of personal deception is almost limitless without God’s point of view on experience. There is a radical difference between God’s viewpoint and our viewpoint. Without revelation, we cannot see things as God sees them. If we do not recognize sin and weakness, we cannot apply scripture to the problem.
The essence of the Christian life revolves around supernatural truth from God to us. God designed His truth to be applied to each situation we face. The Christian life is a series of choices about God’s will from God’s Word. Rate times time equals distance. It takes the rate of applying principles from the Bible to an extended time period to grow into maturity.
We intend Verse-by-Verse for those who wish to build an “edification construct” for their lives. Christians today dwell in spiritual shacks rather than massive spiritual edifices. Large edifices are not the result of haphazard design or superficial construction. There can be no edifice without a protracted edification construct. It is not enough to read scriptures casually if one wishes to grow into maturity. Maturity is a maximum application of the principles of scripture to experience by faith that results in the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. Maturity comes from a maximum application of the principles of scripture to experience. The Christian life is based on principles rather than rules.
Most commentaries deal with the meaning of a text without forming principles for living or showing how to live out those principles in real life. Verse-by-Verse gives pastors and Bible teachers sermon ideas and even demonstrates how to apply scripture in sermons. Verse-by-Verse forms a conduit from God’s revelation to man’s experience. Application of the principles of the Word of God to experience will make the child of God like the Son of God.
Although these studies are based on Hebrew and Greek research, they are written in a clear and pithy style. Pastors or Bible teachers can readily get to the point with Verse-by-Verse. There are over 4000 studies of two pages each. Each book of the Bible has a concise introduction and outline. The series is committed to the infallible, inerrant, and inspired Word of God