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Print Tract “How to Become a Christian”


To Print Tract with exact dimensions (designed for 81/2″x11″):


1. Download the PDF document here:

How to Become a Christian-GrantCRichison

2. Be sure your printer driver is up to date.

3. Use 8.5″ x 11″ Letter paper in your printer.

4. TEST PAGES: Print 1 PDF (which is 2 pages of paper). Note: Be sure the print settings are letter or 8.5′ x 11″ Paper size and scale 100%.

5. Place the printed pages back into the printer and print the other sides, taking note of how you placed them into the paper cartridge (ie. orientation, printed side up or down, etc. ) Note. page one of the PDF is the outside of the tract and page two is the inside of the tract.

6. Fold and then cut each page in half lengthwise and fold each tract into thirds. You will have four tracts.

7. Print and share as many as you like.