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Reward for Victory in Time–CROWNS


Reward for Victory in Time

 Dr. Grant C. Richison


2 Greek terms for crown:

Diademliterally = to bind around. The kingly ornament for the head, and signifies royalty.  The royal crown

Sephanoscrown given for victor in Greek athletic games; also worn at marriage feasts – it was a symbol of victory, of deserved honor, of festal gladness. Woven of oak leaves, ivy, parsley, myrtle, olive, violets, roses.  Not a large golden crown set with jewels.  The victor’s crown. 

I. THE CROWN OF LIFE, Jas 1:12; Re 2:10; 3:11 – reward to believer for living the Christian life with tenacity under duress.

II. THE CROWN OF JOY, 1 Th 2:19; Php 4:1reward for witnessing

III. CROWN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, 2 Ti 4:7,8reward for utilizing God’s grace for living the Spirit filled life.

IV. CROWN FOR SERVICE, 1 Co 9:24-27 [corruptible & imperishable stephanos]; Php 3:7-14;– reward for service



God has given Christians the answers to the ultimate exam ahead of time by the reasons God gives these crowns.

The ultimate purpose of crowns is to glorify God for what He did through us on earth in time.