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9 There remains therefore a rest for the people of God.

Verse 9 concludes what has been argued to this point in the chapter. God’s rest for believers today is still available.

9 There remains therefore [consequently]

The “therefore” draws an inference from verse 8. There is a rest still to be realized by believers today (He 4:6).

a rest [a sabbath] for the people of God.

The word “rest” here is the word sabbath. This is the only occurrence in the Bible of this term. The Sabbath was the celebration of God’s completed works. Believers today can have a Sabbath-rest. Verse 10 further explains the nature of this Sabbath-rest.


Christians can rest in God’s rest.


To keep Sabbath-rest calls attention to God’s very own rest. The believer is to participate in God’s own rest. We can enjoy God’s rest in our present life.