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13 For everyone who partakes only of milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness, for he is a babe.

There are three characteristics of those who are spiritually immature:

-they are unskilled in the Bible

-they do not apply principles of Scripture to experience

-they are spiritual infants

13 For

The “for” here gives the reason for verse 12. Anyone who lives strictly on milk has the problem of spiritual infancy.

everyone who partakes only of milk

Immature believers take only a portion of what they needed to grow spiritually. They were still at the mother’s breast stage after many years as Christians. They were satisfied to make milk as their sole diet.

is unskilled [untried]

The Greek word for “unskilled” means faculty or capacity to understand. “Unskilled” also carries the idea to be inexperienced. An inexperienced person is untried in spiritual truth. The issue was not that immature believers simply lacked information but that they did not know how to apply truth to their experience. Without this operating principle they cannot mature in their faith.

in the word of [about] righteousness,

The “word of righteousness” is God’s revelation about Christ and the church. The teaching about righteousness is the teaching of the New Testament. It is the instruction that Christ is our righteousness; He achieved what we need to be righteousness before God. He presents the believer right before God.

for he is a babe.

The Greek word for “babe” means a child who has not been weaned from their mother’s breast, an infant. Here the word “babe” refers to immature Christians.


Immaturity is dangerous.


It is dangerous to remain a babe in spiritual truths. There is a culpability for one to remain at the beginning stage of spirituality. To stay in spiritual stupidity puts a person into the danger of believing false doctrine.

Adults drink milk but it is not their exclusive diet. Infants drink milk as their exclusive diet. Those who exclusively drink spiritual milk after 10 years of being a Christian are stuck in spiritually immaturity.